Saturday, May 18, 2013


            Rule 8, Section 2 of COMELEC Res. No. 9476 dated June 22, 2012 provides that, “Not later than thirty (30) days after the day of election, every candidate shall file in triplicate with the offices of the Commission where he filed his certificate of candidacy except for national positions which should be filed with the Campaign Finance Unit, a full, true and itemized statement of all contributions and expenditures in connection with the elections. Within the same period, the treasurer of every party that participated in the elections shall file with the Campaign Finance Unit of the COMELEC the party's statement of election contributions and expenditures.”

          It is therefore required for all candidates (winner and loser) in the last May 13, 2013 Automated National & Local Elections to comply accordingly with the above quoted provision of law in prescribed forms supported and accompanied by relevant receipts and documents not later than June 12, 2013.

    Failure to file statements of electoral contributions and expenditures as required shall constitute an administrative offense for which the .offenders shall be liable to pay an administrative fine ranging from One Thousand Pesos (PhP1,000.00) to Thirty Thousand Pesos (PhP30,000.00), at the discretion of the Commission on Elections.

           In a Memorandum of Agreement entered into between DILG and COMELEC it state that, “Before administering an oath of office to any winning candidate or allowing a winning candidate assumption into office, the DILG or any attached agencies shall require him or her to present a Certification from the COMELEC that he or she have satisfactorily complied with his or her obligation under Section 14 of Republic Act No. 7166 by filing his or her Statement of Contributions and Expenditures with COMELEC. Absent this Certification, the winning candidate cannot enter into the execution of his or her office…”

        “Winning candidates shall be issued a certificate of submission immediately upon filing of their statements of contributions and expenditures, a copy of which they must submit upon assumption of office. Said certificate shall only attest to the receipt of the statement but not as to the veracity of its contents.” (Republic Act No. 7166, Sec. 141).


I am a Responsible and Principled Citizen.

I will educate myself and others about the issues at hand so that my vote is a meaningful and relevant exercise of my right of suffrage.

I pledge to vote for candidates who will abide by the duly constituted rules on campaigning because I understand that those who refuse to obey the law in the little things are not likely to obey the law in the more important things;

I pledge to vote for candidates who, by word and action, renounce violence, coercion, vote-buying, and corruption as means for getting elected;

I pledge to vote for the candidates who listen to their constituents and are responsive to the needs and aspirations of those they seek to represent;

I pledge to vote as my conscience dictates in all elections.

I make these promises freely and upon my honor.

(This Voter Pledge was read at the Unity Walk of 13 January 2013, by COMELEC Commissioner Elias R. Yusoph)