Wednesday, June 22, 2016



Republic Act No. 10756 known as the Election Reform Act which approves the non-compulsory service of public school teachers during the elections was signed into law last April 08, 2016 by the President. This new law enables teachers to reject rendering election services during elections. The teachers are no longer required to do poll works on election day.
However, they can still be appointed to election duties as the law provides that the electoral board to be constituted by the Commission shall be composed of public school teachers who are willing, available and qualified to render election services. 
Unless, otherwise there is no or lacks of public school teachers available the Commission on Elections may instead appoint the following in order of preference:
      1. Private School Teachers
      2. National Government Employees
    • Non-Teaching Dep Ed personnel
    • Other government officials and employees holding regular or permanent positions 
      3. Members of Comelec Accredited Citizens Arms, NGOs, CVOs 
      4. Any registered voters of the municipality/city with known integrity and competence not connected with any candidate or political parties.


I am a Responsible and Principled Citizen.

I will educate myself and others about the issues at hand so that my vote is a meaningful and relevant exercise of my right of suffrage.

I pledge to vote for candidates who will abide by the duly constituted rules on campaigning because I understand that those who refuse to obey the law in the little things are not likely to obey the law in the more important things;

I pledge to vote for candidates who, by word and action, renounce violence, coercion, vote-buying, and corruption as means for getting elected;

I pledge to vote for the candidates who listen to their constituents and are responsive to the needs and aspirations of those they seek to represent;

I pledge to vote as my conscience dictates in all elections.

I make these promises freely and upon my honor.

(This Voter Pledge was read at the Unity Walk of 13 January 2013, by COMELEC Commissioner Elias R. Yusoph)